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NEW! For exhaustive answers to the Biblical view on this phenomenon, please see the 2009 Christian Symposium on Aliens 9-lecture DVD series.

We organized this event in Roswell New Mexico, with 4 PhD's and many published authors in the mix.
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Most articles below appear on my other sites, but are collected and/or reprinted here for quick access...

I used to write a regular "UFO News" article for
UFO Magazine. Current & Past articles HERE >>>

Have you seen this man?

Guy Malone speaks out about
"Prophet Yahweh UFO summoner"

Response to History Channel's "UFOs in The Bible" special in which I appear, but was intentionally & grossly misquoted (as were others).

My Interview with Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Presidential Candidate) on UFO's and Gov't Secrecy

Spotlight on Jacques Vallee for Roswell's FYI Magazine, with links to this ufology greats' books

My thoughts on
Peter Jennings' UFO Special on ABC


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RE: Stephen Greer, Disclosure Project,
and Death & Destruction Caused by UFOs

Recommended Reading for UFO & Abduction Skeptics
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Heads Up Church - "Panspermia"
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