"Evidence for a Spiritual View of the "Alien" Phenomenon:
"Why do many Christians think the alien phenomena is demonic?"
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Malone asks "Do certain Christians say aliens
are really demons based simply on an uninformed
knee-jerk reaction to the unknown?"

No. In fact, many theologians have historically argued that God could easily have created life on other planets, if He so chose. But what does an examination of 20th century sighting and abduction reports reveal? This lecture provides an overview of the messages, actions and abilities demonstrated by modern "aliens" with insight into the scriptural and theological arguments that logically support the fallen angel interpretation of the phenomena. You will better understand WHY many with a Biblical worldview conclude that “alien” activity is a fallen angel deception, and ultimately consider the reasoning behind the "demonic hypothesis" much more convincing than you thought possible. Also, Malone ends with a revealing look at "What The Bible Says About Life on Other Planets."

Paper originally presented in Angelfire NM, at the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences conference Sunday Sept 13, 2009. Expanded for Nashville TN, Last Days conference April 24, 2010.

Version below presented July 3, 2010 at Roswell NM's War of the Worlds : The Invisible Battle lecture series



(Introductory remarks...) For those not here, viewing on DVD or online, here’s a little snapshot of what our every day life is like in Roswell...

(More introductory remarks...)

So with that said, the overall theme I'm going to be discussing is how the modern-day documented reports of UFOs and Aliens actually do NOT suggest to many educated researchers that the phenomena that have been recorded for the last 50-60 years is in fact extra-terrestrial in origin.. ie, genuine biological intelligent life forms from other planets abducting, studying, or communicating with humans.. but rather, the documentation I'm going to be sharing will largely allow you to make up your own mind about the phenomenon, and perhaps you'll agree that what really going on is better described as spiritual in nature, and more to the point, better described as the deceptive spiritual entities warned about in The Bible.

Here's an overview, or outline, of what I'll be covering today


As an introduction, My work in this field began while I was still living in Nashville, Tennessee, right after the mass suicide of a group known as Heaven's Gate in 1997....

This image is from their website. At the bottom it reads "...the keys to Heaven's Gate are here again in Ti and Do ("The UFO Two" it says) as they – the alleged keys - were in Jesus and His Father 2000 years ago" (PP) This quote from the New York Times Company says the materials the group published claimed...

“two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston..."
"They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible."

The idea that people would kill themselves based on something "aliens" told their group's leader about the Bible was quite shocking to me, and it set me on a journey of finding out how prevalent philosophies like this have been becoming in the last decade. What I've since found in recent years is that there is indeed MUCH more credible documentation from very believable sources on this phenomenon of *alleged* aliens, communicating with humans.

Before I get to that ...

Recent Polls About UFOs & Aliens

Larry King ran a couple of programs about a UFO sighting in Stephenville TX a couple of years back, and on his website they posted a poll simply asking people "Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life?" It got an amazingly high number of affirmative answers - 86% said yes. That's the highest number I've ever seen on any similar poll from a major media source.  

2008 Scripps UFO Poll tells us that 56% of Americans overall believe it either "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that intelligent life exists on other planets, Sci-Fi channel's Roper Poll says 66% believe in ET life.

Note that a whopping 74% of the 18-24 year-olds in survey on the left believed intelligent life elsewhere is likely. All of these numbers are way higher than polls from the 1940s and 50's through the 1990s have ever reported, so with a result like today's 18-24 yr olds are weighing in at, you can just imagine where the overall number is going to be in twenty more years.

33-48% believe aliens have visited earth, around 10% have seen a UFO, and on the right side bottom, 2% believe they'd had an encounter with extraterrestrial life.

Combining and averaging these polls into one, gives you better than 3 out of 5 believe in life on other planets, and 1 in 10 have seen a UFO

There are other polls from Roper, USA Today, CNN, and so on that put that last number - people who believe they've had an abduction or contacteee experience - consistently at 2-3 percent in scientific, credible source, polling. There's a very good book title, based on The Air Force's Blue Book Project's lead scientist astronomer J Allen Hynek’s offhand answer to a journalist's question, who guessed off the top of his head that the number of contactees in America was one in forty, or 2.5 percent, way before more recent polls made the same claim.

This last graph based on the National UFO Reporting Center database shows how dramatically the numbers of people seeing and reporting UFOs has increased also just since 1990...

So 8 percent, 12 percent, splitting the difference, as many as 1 out 10 people have seen a UFO. About one in forty, maybe one in fifty, have had an experience they identify as extra-terrestrial.

Something's definitely happening.


Before getting into some prominent Christian views, let's see first what prominent non-Christian researchers and scientists have said about this phenomena over the years.

2) Secular Researchers' Findings / Evidences that UFO Activity is NOT extraterrestrial in origin

I’ll be sharing a few quotes from the very famous but now deceased scientist Carl Sagan,. And I want to point out first that Dr. Sagan was not a debunker on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life... According to Dr. Carl Sagan...

"The available evidence strongly suggests that the origins of life should occur given the initial conditions and a billion years of evolutionary time…”


Now, many Christians in general - AND many non-Christian professional scientists - do not believe in the theory of evolution. My point is simply showing that despite being friendly to the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, when Carl Sagan extensively studied the details about the large numbers modern reports of UFOs which he had access to, he called it psuedo-science

Dr Carl Sagan The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark  pg 43

He did not find it rational to believe that aliens were visiting us with what he called "casual impunity." He also wrote... “A 1969 Study by the National Academy of Sciences, while recognizing there are reports “not easily explained,” concluded that 

“the least likely explanation of UFOs is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitations by intelligent beings...” (cont'd >>>)

He continues…

"Think of how many other “explanations” there might be:
 time travelers; demons… tourists from another dimension… the souls of the dead;… Each of these “explanations” has been seriously proffered....

 “Least likely” is really saying something.”
Dr Carl Sagan The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark  pp 93-94

Another person whom I think you'll know said

"One theory which can no longer be taken very seriously is that UFOs are interstellar spaceships."  

That's Arthur C Clark, one of the most famous sci-fi writers of all time. He wrote the book that led to the movie "2001". I think it’s fair to say he probably made a chunk of change writing about aliens visiting earth, as fictional, but he also honestly didn't think what we earthlings are currently experiencing actually was aliens from space either.

Here's from someone you may not have heard of, but from the book One in Forty I mentioned earlier, non-Christian author Preston Dennit says

"It cannot be denied that there is a connection between UFO encounters and psychic phenomena… UFO abductees have reported being plagued with all sorts of paranormal manifestations following their UFO experience.... objects moving by themselves, … ghostly footsteps, apparitions, doors opening and closing by themselves, precognitive dreams, telepathy, telekinesis -- the list is endless...

He says

"Many ufologists ignore this aspect of ufology in an attempt to draw the subject out of the occult…

"They refuse to use all the evidence presented to make a theory which explains all aspects of the reported phenomena. Instead they choose those aspects that would prove their theory, while ignoring the evidence that contradicts their theory…

"UFOs will never be explained until the psychic aspect of UFOs is also explained."
One in Forty - The UFO Epidemic: True Accounts of Close Encounters with UFO's pg 269 


Dr Jacques Vallee, one of the pioneers of secular UFO researchers, worked partly with the U.S. government along with Project Blue Book's Hynek. You might call Vallee and Hynek the founding fathers of scientific UFO study. Vallee is the author of 10 books on the scientific study UFOs, he helped coin the phrase in the 1970's "the inter-dimensional hypothesis" to explain UFO activity. 

You don't know you know him, but Vallee was the inspiration for the scientist character in Stephen Spielberg's movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  

In an interview, Vallee expressed that he thought some external force was causing people what he called "induced hallucinations..." 

“…it’s quite possible that some of the stories that you get from people are essentially induced hallucinations in sincere witnesses – the witnesses are not lying. They really have been exposed to something genuine..."

It's not that the UFO witnesses were lying (he said) but that only they saw something that wasn't really there, at least in the physical sense of a nuts and bolt saucer.

Valle, pictured here with Dr Hynek (both on right) presented to the United Nations on their UFO research in 1978 wrote

"The 'medical examination' to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscient of the medieval tales of encounters with demons. It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks."  
Dr. Jacques Vallee CONFRONTATIONS: A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact pg. 13 

Finally, author John Keel writes succinctly "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon..."  

John A. Keel, Operation Trojan Horse pg. 299

Which brings us to our third point

3) Overview of Reasons Many Christians Think the Phenomena is Demonic / Fallen Angels

Let me say that for most Christians, whether God could have created life on other planets is not even a question – it’s a nonsequiter really – nobody doubts that God can do whatever he wants to. But in light of all the paranormal phenomena that’s been documented in the last century – specifically so many thousands of extremely well-documented cases of beings claiming to be just those very aliens - the question really becomes… “Is the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis the best explanation for the reported phenomena?” A large part of the process that Christian researchers have documented over the decades to arrive at what's known as the demonic hypothesis include the facts that


Extensive Research Reveals

1) Aliens Bring Primarily Religious Messages

2) Abductions Can Be Terminated

3) Powers of Aliens and Angels Are The Same

We'll get into that first point in a moment, the messages. The second point - and a whole lot more - will be elaborated on later - by our next speaker Joe Jordan, but I'll tell you now that his research has been documented in over a dozen books mostly by Christian authors, that there's hundreds of abduction experiences that have been stopped by using the name and authority of Jesus Christ. For many people, that settles it actually, proving that the experience is spiritual in nature, not genuinely extra-terrestrial. The third point  - and forgive me for what might seem like a shameless plug - has been elaborated on in detail in my wife's book, which you can read for free online, but is summarized by saying  

"Examination of the Bible shows fallen angels can cause “Vision” experiences.

These Visions can range from a realism level of vivid dreams, to experiences which seem real enough to the senses as to potentially be indistinguishable from physical reality, despite being subjective personal experiences. Visions can happen in a trance state, or while awake, a “Vision” can affect one person, or several people at the same time. A person’s perception of time can be altered during a “Vision” experience.
These fallen angels can also manifest into the physical realm, moving objects, even causing injuries, while they either may be perceived, or remain invisible in the spiritual realm. I see nothing in the alien abduction phenomenon which can not be explained in the Biblically known abilities and deceptive agenda of fallen angels."

The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels Nicole Malone, pg. 81 

She's not the only one making these points. Dr David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise wrote in the early 90's

"The point to all of this is that a spiritual explanation fits entirely with the UFO effects… The ability of Satan to manipulate the minds of people, especially those who reject the Creator, is documented not only in the Bible, but in actual case histories." UFO: End-Time Delusion p 129

4) ETs Message

So far I've shared with you some opinions of both a few Christian and a few non-Christian researchers, and you can take or leave their opinions as you will. But now I'm going to move into the actual messages from what contactees and abductees themselves say the aliens are telling them, and let’s see what you think.

I want to preface by saying that there have been historical changes in the aliens’ points of origin.

In the 1950s, the entities typically told the contactees of the day that they were from Mars and Venus...

But we've since sent probes and satellites there and find that these planets are hostile to supporting life – at least the humanoid type of life they were claiming to be.

So 50 years later, the entities now claim they originate from far more distant places in other star systems, like Zeta Reticuli which is 39 light years away, or even in other galaxies like Andromeda, which is 2.5 million light years away...

... places we again can't verify their claims. This fact alone already lends itself to believing there's deception involved in this phenomenon. Transitioning with one more quote from Dr Carl Sagan's book "Intelligent Life in the Universe..."

"What might an advanced extraterrestrial civilization want from us? ...
Can we exclude the possibility of an extraterrestrial evangelism?"
I.S Scklovskii & Carl Sagan Intelligent Life in the Universe

Dr. Sagan here raises a very astute question - and the more researchers and authors out there study the reports of alien abductions and encounters, this question - and the argument for an affirmative answer - comes up more and more... 

ARE "extraterrestrials" intentionally evangelizing us to an alternate spirituality?

This question is what we're going to focus on for awhile.

As an introduction, secular researcher Thomas Bullard points out in the Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters that there is a definitive common pattern to the classic abduction scenarios

3. Conference. A meeting, lecture, or schooling session follows... 
6. Theophany. The witness meets a divine being or has a religious experience. 
Thomas Bullard The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters

It’s interesting to note when a non-Christian person would use the term "theophany" in a sentence. If a Christian pastor or researcher were to use that term to describe the alien abduction experience, it would be obvious that he was judging the entity, with a negative or derogatory connotation, as if he were intentionally labeling the entity as a false god. But when Bullard uses it here, he’s just very clinically noting that a spiritual, or religious, interpretation cannot be divorced from the encounters. To an extent, even secular researchers identify the beings as divine, in a sense, just without the discernment or predisposition to qualify them as "good" or "evil."

Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a PhD’d “Professor Emeritus” of Counseling at Wyoming University summarizes the experiences by saying that "UFO contactees have been chosen ... no UFO contact is accidental ... and that the manifestations are designed to influence the worldview of contactees…"

 and that ...

"Contactees are programmed for a variety of future activities...

"... they have a sense of "Cosmic citizenship with other beings in the universe, and that the experience is the forerunner of a social transformation in human consciousness leading to changes in religion, politics and economy that will result in
The New Age of science and spirituality."
Dr Leo Sprinkle The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters

You get that, Book of Revelation buffs? Expert, secular, PhD opinion... is that aliens are prepping people to accept the merging of politics, religion and money into a New Age system!

Now, some details of the actual messages...

Jane -  "I said I didn't remember the agreement and when did I do that. And he answered,  Before you were born, and we've had this conversation before. 
Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda by Dr. Karla Turner, PhD, pg 147


To the point, Aliens often teach people about past lives and reincarnation, which we know is in opposition to Hebrews 9:27 at minimum, that says "It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment."


That's not all. Brad Steiger in a book he titled (in part) "channeling," reports

""People on Earth, open your doors to our help, for you need it desperately… (we) are now holding off and fighting any enemies from lesser evolved planets. Join our Confederation and be one with the Creator."
Brad Steiger Aquarian Revelations: Channeling Higher Intelligence  pgs 98-99

Christians studied in occult religions may recognize this as pantheism, teaching that we can become one with the Creator if we are one with them. Dr John Mack confirms this pantheistic cosmic consciousness view propagated by the aliens, by saying,

"The aliens are recognized as intermediaries or intermediate entities between the fully bodied state of human beings and the primal source of creation or God (in the sense of a cosmic consciousness, rather than a personified being). In this regard abductees sometimes liken the alien beings to angels, or other "light beings" (including the "grays")." Dr John Mack Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens pg 48, parantheticals by Dr Mack  I.E., "Alien" encounters lead experiencers to the conclusion that God is not a personified deity, but a cosmic consciousness, and that some "grey aliens" are good angels.

More directly, aliens also claim over and over to be the creators of mankind

"Did you create humans, too?" Angie asked, and he confirmed this.
Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda by Dr. Karla Turner, PhD, pg 157

Another contactee reports that an alien told her that Adam & Eve were created here as an experiment ...

Bonnie Meyer Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring pgs 178-179
...and that "Aliens genetically changed the DNA of a distant cousin to the ape on this planet" and "sped up" our evolution. This is but one example of many, of aliens injecting themselves into the Bible as creating Adam and Eve, and confirming the Theory of evolution, or guided evolution - guided by them.


This isn’t their only attempt of re-telling the Bible.

"A UFO moved in the sky to Bethlehem and then it placed itself by a star in the sky. And also a UFO helped to part the Red Sea.. by lasers… the UFO's were working for God… These UFOs also provided the manna from heaven. No I'm not saying that God did not do this, but God worked through the UFOs to produce this. Also, God used a laser to write those things on the tablet, the commandments. These UFOs also parted the Jordan River…" Bonnie Meyer Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring pgs 180-181

It’s not enough just to re-tell it, but they also want to attack the Bible’s integrity

"Not all stories in your Bible are accurate because your Bible is not 100% correct… 

I would say basically another 6% was eliminated because it talked about reincarnation and UFOs which took power away from the church..."
Bonnie Meyer Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring pgs 177-178, 180

What I hope too many here won't find as too disturbing, is the variety of things aliens say about Jesus. For instance

"Aliens’ messages include ... returning to the "Cosmic Laws" as taught by great Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna - all of whom are said to have come from other planets."


Project World Evacuation: UFOs to Assist in the "Great Exodus" of Human Souls Off This Planet

Brace yourselves for this next picture..

“Son of God ... been born on other planets... however, it is not quite the same...”
Bonnie Meyer Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring pgs 177-178, 180

If that image doesn’t offend you, I don’t know what will. We didn’t create that either, just as our Christian way of expressing what some people believe. That was out there on a site promoting this view as truth. This image is ET’s message in a nutshell, and what God has called my life to be dedicated to fighting. The Son of God is not “crucified afresh” on planet after planet throughout millions of galaxies. The Bible says that Christ died once for all, Hebrews 10:10. And we should all know He cannot be not “slightly different” based on different mothers, because the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the SAME, yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8

One more…

 "The ascension and resurrection Christ. You see, he went up to a UFO in a beam..."
Bonnie Meyer Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring pgs 177-178, 180

Now, only people who really know their Bible would catch most of these lies, or half-truths… the New Jerusalem will not orbit the planet, right? It will be the city (not a ship) on Earth, that Jesus Christ will reign from... 

One of today's more infamous contactees is formerly know as Claude Vorilhom, but now goes by the name Rael. Here's his group's homepage


...and like we saw from another alien encounter earlier, Rael's aliens also claim to be humanity's creators. They pose as scientists, or "designers." From Rael’s book, called "The True Face of God..."

"... the creators… arranged for a child to be born of a woman of the Earth AND ONE OF THEIR OWN… The child (Jesus Christ) would thereby inherit certain telepathic faculties... Mary was the woman chosen ... One of the creators (aliens) appeared to explain that Mary would bring forth a son of "God".
Rael, The True Face of God pg 60


Just a little more on where this is coming from, the cult leader Rael...

“… claimed that in December 1973 he was re-named Rael by Aliens from another world.  Rael claims that HE is the result of a virgin birth ..
Alien named Yahweh told him “we decided that the time had come to send a new messenger on earth” .…   

… says Jesus was “scientifically revived by other aliens and taken back to the Elohim planet” … says Jesus “didn’t die for the sins of the world .. Jesus’ purpose on earth was to help us advance… to make room for the return of the Elohim…” 
William Alnor, PhD Ufo Cults and the New Millennium Ch 7

This is a modern day false prophet, but his experiences, I believe, really happened to him. It was the “aliens” that told him to write this book, and start this new religion, which today claims to have 55,000 members across the planet. You’d find it interesting, if there were time to document here how often contact with aliens results in instructions to the contactee to start a new religion. They harp on how and why Christianity is wrong all the time though.

Going back to the 1950's contactee George Van Tassel had "aliens" telling him things similar to the modern claims of the Rael, and contactee Bonnie Meyer whom we’ve been reading from already.

"(George Van Tassel) said that JESUS was born of MARY,
who was a space person sent here already pregnant..."
Nick Redfern On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance pgs 28-29

I told you at the beginning of this talk that I live here in Roswell as a missionary, to present orthodox biblical views to those who come here with belief systems similar to what I’ve been describing. Now, I "used to believe" that my target audience, so to speak, was a very tiny niche group of people, limited mainly just to those who were having direct contact with ET's, or who were joining UFO Cults.

However, I've had so many conversations with what you’d otherwise call "normal" people over the years, and I'm surprised and nearly sickened to find out how many people in the mainstream are beginning to think about the Bible in the exact same ways that I’ve been quoting you today – but WITHOUT joining a cult, or having contact experiences. I'm going to play the opening 2 minutes 18 seconds of a program that debuted in 2002, and still airs several times per year on the History Channel.

Disclaimer: See also n awesome supernatural force, but what if that force wasn’t God? What if it was a UFO? In Ezekiel, what was that gleaming wheel within a wheel that descended on the prophet? In the Sodom and Gomorrah of Genesis where did the devastating fire and brimstone come from? In Exodus what was that presence in the sky that led Moses through the desert? Were these the actions of God? Or might these mysterious forces in the sky have been UFOs in the Bible?

"Throughout the Bible mysterious aerial phenomena appear and alter the course of human history. To religious scholars these stories are an infallible record of God’s presence and Godly events, but some modern day researchers offer a different theory… perhaps these stories really describe alien visitations.”
Downing: “Is it possible that extraterrestrials have been involved in human history for 1000s of years, and if so, did they have contact with the Biblical people, and as you look in the Bible there are many reports of UFOs that contact Biblical people, a chariot of fire that abducts Elijah and takes him off into the sky.”
Narrator: “Elijah was one of the most revered Jewish prophets of his day. According to ufologists the Biblical accord of his encounter with chariots of fire, is a detailed description of what might be termed a UFO?”


That minister you saw wearing the white collar is teaching almost the exact same things that the alien contactees I've quoted are teaching, and almost the exact same things about UFOs in the Bible that the Raelian religion teaches. My point is that it's no longer direct contact with aliens, or participation in cult groups that leads people to embrace these ideas. It's mass media, it’s Hollywood, and it's even begun to creep into portions of the Christian church. It's a strong delusion, and these entities have found ambassadors that are all to willing to carry their message.

Today, what you’ll find most prevalent in much of the alien contact literature since the fifties and now all over the web is the claim that when you read the Bible, what you’re really reading about is primitive man’s interpretation of UFO technology – the fire by day, cloud by night that Moses and the Israelites followed was really a UFO. Elijah was taken up in a UFO, like this mockumentary said. Jesus didn’t so much “ascend into heaven” after His resurrection… He was just beamed back up to the mother ship from which He came. That makes sense in the sense the twist now being touted is that The Immaculate Conception and virgin birth of Jesus Christ are explainable by alien abduction and artificial insemination resulting in an advanced teacher to mankind - either half-alien or all-alien.

But we know that The Bible says that God Himself became flesh, and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ…


That’s who Jesus Christ is according to scripture – the world was made by Him. Alien messages always undermine the singular most important tenet of Christianity, that Jesus Christ is God Himself Incarnate as man, or God in the flesh… 

For in Jesus dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Colossians 2:9

So the essence of the struggle here is trying to reconcile the reality of alien encounters - generally speaking and the few fruitcakes and attention seekers aside, we believe that people genuinely are having these encounters - but we have to compare what is being told to people by the entities to what the Bible teaches very clearly. And the now extremely well-documented messages of beings claiming to be aliens repeatedly attack this doctrine, and claim that Jesus is not really God Incarnate, but is simply an advanced alien or half breed.

The common questions that Christians arrive at when they examine the documented teaching of aliens, are quite logically along the lines of  “Why would authentic extraterrestrial biological entities travel 90 billion light years just to attack one specific religion? Why do they make such a concentrated effort to convince people that Jesus Christ is not true Deity, or God Incarnate? Given their powers and abilities, the Christian truly is left with no choice but to identify these creatures as deceiving spirits.


Which is exactly what the bible tells us to expect in the Last Days

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils...  



The Bible actually tells people to expect, in the last days, many people falling away from the faith - partly on the basis of believing human teachers of false doctrines - but very specifically, because of seducing spirits that teach the doctrines of devils.

Which is exactly what you see when you examine aliens’ communications to humans.

Finally, here’s one main passage which often also gets applied to the UFO phenomena by nearly all Christian researchers...

"For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie..."
2nd Thessalonians 2:7-11


Putting this all too succinctly, many Christian researchers feel that the UFO phenomenon is a lying sign and wonder, and a powerful delusion, which will be embraced by those who refuse to believe the gospel. SOME powerful delusion, having global impact, with signs and wonders is exactly what Christians were warned 2,000 years ago to anticipate, as part of the final rise of the antichrist. Since 1947 – the year of the Roswell Incident, AND when the nation of Israel stepped back onto the worldstage… Since 1947 the UFO phenomenon, you might say, has jumped to the forefront of being the leading contender to fit this bill (2 Thess 2:7-11)


So ... what exactly do the aliens tell abductees about the end times?

The book Abduction by Dr John Mack represents a decade-long study of over 300 men and women who claimed alien abduction. Dr Mack is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, who, up until as his death, served as the Head of the Psychiatry Department at Harvard University School of Medicine, and he co-chaired a conference at M.I.T. that concluded that abductees weren’t crazy, or lying, but that most showed symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, proving that something had indeed happened to them.

... After interviewing over 300 abductees, he summarizes the aliens’ messages by saying

"The information that abductees receive is concerned primarily...

...with the fate of the earth in the wake of human destructiveness. Scenes are shown…of the earth devastated by a nuclear holocaust, vast panoramas of lifeless polluted landscapes and waters, and apocalyptic images of giant earthquakes, firestorms, floods, and even fractures of the planet itself are shown by the aliens. These are powerfully disturbing to the abductees, who tend to experience them as literally predictive of the future of the planet. Some abductees are given assignments in this future holocaust as it is displayed, such as to feed the survivors, or are told…that some will perish while others will be taken to another place to participate in the evolution of life in the universe.” Dr John Mack Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens pg 395, 40

Extensive research by Dr. Mack, Karla Turner Phd, David Jacobs Phd, Budd Hopkins and many other prominent abduction researchers bears out that visions of the end of the world – or at least some massive future apocalypse – is one of if not THE major theme that contactees experience in their interactions with aliens. They also often speak of how the aliens will help mankind survive this period.

Dr. Mack relates this conversation with an abductee named Ed


I asked him what is called for, what he has been told is to be done. He answered personally… "She's telling me, showing me that I have the tools within me to survive. I have this extra dimension. I have the choice of listening to it or not... I am to listen to my inner, something deep inside myself, and listen to the earth."
Dr John Mack Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens pg 64 

Some abductees are told the key to surviving the Last Days is in themselves, while others are told the aliens will save them:

"It will be the time when the disasters are at their peak. It will happen when people will no longer be able to stand the disruptions and the chaos. The remainder of the people who are living will be picked up by spacecraft and be taken to safety on the planet Saturn. Here they will be cared for until the Earth is once again ready to be inhabited… You are all in the hands of the Space brothers, and the sooner you realize this, the better." Brad Steiger Aquarian Revelations: Channeling Higher Intelligence pg 106-7


But the Bible says clearly, that it is only Jesus who saves, and that whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved!

Romans 10:9, 13

Of course we know that The Bible says a great deal about the End of the Age, and the disasters that will come on the earth before Jesus Christ’s return – specifically in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation ... just for starters. I just want to point out to you the documented fact that aliens’ messages routinely contradict the biblical messages of destruction and recreation of a New Heaven and a New Earth by God, and Jesus’ promise to save His followers from this judgment.  Aliens routinely promise that THEY will deliver their believers from the disasters foretold in the End Times, in a variety of ways - including but not limited to cloning, reincarnation, or by lifting those who follow the aliens off the planet just in the nick of time.


There May…. be an even greater element of the alien phenomenon in the End Times, a prophetic fulfillment that would indicate this Deception may get Worse and more Large scale. Some Christian researchers have noted a striking similarity between a passage of prophecy in Revelation and the alien deception. I don’t personally like making firm prophetic doctrinal statements, or letting arguments rest based on debatable interpretations from the book of Revelation, but in case it’s a correct view, I would feel remiss in not presenting at least for your consideration what Dr. David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise say in "UFO: End Time Delusion"...

“In Chapter Sixteen it speaks of three alien beings who go forth to deceive the rulers of the Earth. [The three aliens in Revelation Sixteen have an amphibian or reptilian appearance... So here we read about three frog-like unclean spirits… They are not actually frogs, but “like” frogs. Probably that describes their alien features or appearance..." David Allen Lewis & Robert Shrekhise UFO: End-Time Delusion pg 46-47

Their description is of these frog-like entities leading the kings of the earth together, prior to Christ’s return, preparing for the battle of Armageddon. If this passage is referring to the alien deception, and time will tell if it is or not, but if so, the alien deception will be an even more major part of the End Times Strong Delusion which the Bible speaks of, more so than many Christians already believe it is.

So I’ve shared with you the documented messages of extra-terrestrials, so that you could compare them to the Bible and begin to make an educated decision on whether you believe they are genuine ETs or - as the non-Christian Jacques Vallee wrote in his book title -  are they...

... Messengers of Deception?

And I think I've been able to present to you that the BEST documentation that exists of the "Contact" and "Abduction" phenomenon does indeed give you enough information to answer the original question for yourself:   ARE "extraterrestrials" intentionally evangelizing us to an alternate spirituality?

And I’ll add, “Do these experiences tend to have an impact on people?” Yes.  

"For many witnesses, a UFO encounter causes a radical shift in their beliefs about the universe. Their experiences stand out as the most emotionally terrifying and intellectually baffling experiences of their lives. As one witness said, "My belief system went right out the window." Preston E. Dennett One in Forty - The UFO Epidemic: True Accounts of Close Encounters with UFO's pg 322-23


The aliens' messages are "concerned primarily" with indoctrinating us to misunderstand, dismiss, and ignore what The Bible actually says about Jesus Christ, The Bible, God, and especially about the Last Days, and to trust in them. To sort of sum it up, let me submit to you the conclusions of some other well-known Christian authors who have studied this same material.


"An examination of the evidence indicates beyond any doubt that a primary agenda of the alien visitors - whoever or whatever they are - is to change what human beings think about God and His Word (the Bible) and to replace exclusive Christianity with a religion of universalism"
Ron Rhodes, citing William Alnor Alien Obsession: What Lies Behind Abductions, Sightings, and the Attraction to the Paranormal


Two other Christian authors examine the ET movement and write  

"If the alleged messages that contactees are
receiving are true, then the Bible is not true."
David Allen Lewis & Robert Shrekhise UFO: End-Time Delusion


Don't be fooled - experiences with these entities, or a heavy belief in this phenomenon, is indeed going to require a choice on your part. Either the aliens are right and they're telling people the truth, which means that everything the Christian church teaches about God and the Bible is a lie... or... The Bible is right, God is true, and the aliens are lying.

So.. 5) What does The Bible say about Life on other planets?

I've found over the years that whether or not God could have created life on other planets is not the question that needs to be asked - the real question is, "Are the entities that people are reporting communication with and torment at the hands of in this modern era, authentic extra-terrestrials, or not?"

There's one final point pertaining to how contact with, or a passionate belief in, extra-terrestrials affects people that are Christians, which I’m offering largely as a warning to those of you who might be opening the door to belief systems involving aliens, and especially for those of you with children who are being bombarded with ET messages on television...

What I know from dealing with this topic for well over a decade, is that you may well walk out of here convinced that SOME aliens are fallen angels, or demonic messengers, but most people will quickly find themselves thinking... "Well there could still be good aliens out there as well..."

or ...

"Just because some demons pretend to be aliens, that doesn't automatically mean there's no life on other planets .. "DOES IT?"


I think most of us remember that the Carl Sagan movie "Contact" left everyone thinking, "Well if there's no life out there, that's a pretty big waste of space.." right? Anybody remember that? And maybe you've gone to a pastor or church leader with this very question, and the answer you got was less than satisfactory - and less than biblical, I'd dare say. Maybe you've heard someone say "Well God can do anything he wants to, I suppose" or maybe "Well the Bible doesn't really say one way or the other…it would seem pretty self-centered to think that WE'RE THE ONLY LIFE God created right?" I'm sure many of you have heard things just like this, right? Maybe some of you have even said things like this...

So to close, I want to take a stab at honestly equipping you on what The Bible actually does say on this topic. Because if you're grounded in what The Bible does say, you won't be shaken by what it doesn't say - or by what it doesn't necessarily spell out so plainly for us. I'm going to submit to you that Bible does indeed thoroughly equip us for this topic. And you know how I can say this?


1 Tim 3:16-17, that's how.

Through movies and TV and contactees and cults and through BAD religious teachings, millions of people are falling for a lie. My belief is that God says that the scriptures are profitable for doctrine, so that we can be thoroughly equipped to minister absolute truth on this topic before the strong delusion takes center stage on world events, and the prophetic timetable.

It's easy I think for all of us in our own imaginations to perceive that God could have created life on other planets.. in our own understanding it's quite reasonable in fact. And unfortunately I think most of us just rest there, as if that’s a final answer to the question.

But you know what God says about our own imaginations..


PP = "Casting down vain imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God..." 2 Corinthians 2:5


We are to cast them down, and not let what we can imagine exalt itself against the knowledge of God, and His word. Romans 1 says

PP= "... became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened"

that our imaginations can cause us to become vain, and hearts to become darkened. Hosea 4:6 says God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

And if we don't have - or worse, reject - the knowledge of God, we can actually become the very people who refuse to love the truth, and are taken in by strong delusion. As I said, in our own understanding, it's quite reasonable to believe that maybe God did create life on other planets.

But you know what God says about our own understanding…

PP= "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Psalm 3:5-6

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…" Romans 12:2


So to close this out, I want to invite you to suspend what your own imagination, your own understanding, and what the spirit of this age and this world are actively suggesting to you about life on other planets. There does SEEM to some to be a void in the Bible on this issue - it doesn't seem to say, I know, I've heard it all before. But I believe that if we acknowledge what God's word does say, trust that it is profitable for doctrine, and let Him renew our mind on this topic, then hopefully He can direct your path. You will leave here with the ability to speak from a truly sound understanding of what the Bible says whether there's life on other planets or not.

I'm going to suggest to you something I'm calling "The Doctrine of Stated Intent" - I made this up by the way, maybe it's inspired, maybe not. But I think you'll agree that just every now and then, we read a passage in the Bible where it seems like God goes out of His way to make sure we "get something" He's trying to say. Occasionally, it's as if the Holy Spirit, through the human author, goes out of His way to explain something really important.

As one example, I think of Paul, who wrote 2/3rds of the New Testament, and only once in all of his writings and the entire Old and New Testaments combined, Paul, the Holy Spirit, actually plainly state to us what in the entire Bible is of first importance.

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance:
that Christ died for our sins…
that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day…
1 Corinthians 15:3-6

No matter what else you do or don't get out of reading the Bible, God wants you to know and Paul is quick to say "I delivered unto you FIRST OF ALL" that Christ died for sins, resurrected from the dead, and there's over 500 witnesses to that fact. First of all, of first importance, God's Spirit goes out of His way with a "stated intent" that this is the most important sentence you need to know about the entire Bible.

There's a couple of other places where I think God goes out of His way to state for us His intent.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.  … [he made] the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that [it was] good.

Genesis 1:14-18

God says the stated intent of the stars is to provide light on the earth, and to divide the seasons and the years. That doesn't mean automatically they can't be “inhabited,” I realize that, but biblically speaking, that's not their stated intent. You notice I used the word "inhabited" just now? That was on purpose.

There is a scripture that uses that very word, I'm going to share next, and I'm asking you to contrast these two stated intents.

"For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited" Isaiah 45:18

God states of the earth... God states *only* of the earth… that He created it to be inhabited. When he tells of the creation and the purpose of the stars, "to be inhabited" doesn't even make the list. And there is a list! You saw it – if even part of God’s purpose for creating those other stars was to give light and warmth to people on other planets, and while God was actually giving us a list of reasons why the stars were created, you’d think that would at least make the list.

God says plainly and simply though that He “formed the earth to be inhabited" - all the other stars and heavenly lights' biblically stated purpose is to mark the seasons and to give light to the earth - to it's "inhabitants." The Bible says that they exist for us. I know that nobody can ever point to an exact passage in the Bible that says there's NOT life on other planets... I'm simply asking you to let your faith rest entirely on what God does say to settle this for you doctrinally. In short, I'm asking you to add 2 and 2, to take what is said in two different places, contrast them, and draw the most likely conclusion, based solely on what God's word states IS true...

Check this out

The Bible does in fact speak on non-terrestrial life!

"Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them." Gen 2:1


This verse shows God finished making all the host of earth, AND the host of heaven, by the end of the 6th day.
Now, if there were no life other than on earth, this verse could have been written to read, 'Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of the earth..."

But that is not what the verse says. This verse says "(the host of) them", indicating BOTH the host of the earth, AND the host of the heavens. 

"So Who are the host of the heavens? Who is the life in the heavens?

The Bible does tell us about the "host of heaven" ...


PP= "I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left... And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him." 1 Kings 22:21-23

From this we know that the host of heaven can talk, and are of the spiritual realm, and at times were at God's throne. 

PP=  "Thou, [even] thou, [art] LORD alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all [things] that [are] therein, the seas, and all that [is] therein, … and the host of heaven worshippeth thee." Neh 9:6 
Here we see the host of heaven can worship God. And here we see a confirmation that they are alive, in the parallel - that heaven has hosts, just like the earth and seas have hosts (or life). The verse that most clearly defines the host of heaven is in Luke 2...

"…And suddenly there was with the angel...

"...a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven..."
Luke 2:8-15

The angels here are, again, described 2 seconds before as the heavenly hosts!


The term here for “host of heaven” in the Greek “stratia ouranou” is the same term used in 1 Kings and Nehemiah, in the Greek, corresponding to the Hebrew “tsaba shamayim”.

This is the same terminology used in Genesis 2:1, When God created the heavens and the earth and all the host of them.  
So who are the host of heaven? They are angels.
They are the only life in the heavens that the Bible defines.

It is NOT that the Bible does not speak of sentient, intelligent life in the heavens, as some say... It is NOT that the Bible is totally silent, as some say. The Bible does speak to the fact that God did indeed create life in the heavens - the host of the heavens - and the Bible specifically defines that life as being angels, and nothing else - not biological life-forms like us.

As Jesus said to His disciples after His resurrection  

Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.  

Humans have flesh and bone. Apparently resurrected humans do to!

But Jesus taught that spirits do not. And the Bible says that angels are ministering spirits, remember. Hebrews 1:14 Flames of fire…

Unfortunately, we know that some of these angels are "fallen." Duet 4:19 and 2 Kings 23:5 mention the hosts of heaven negatively, with God warning certain idolatrous people not to worship them, and rebuking the priests who offer incense to Baal, and to the host of heaven. Revelation 12 also tells us (PP but don't read) ...

...that the current location of the fallen angels is in the locality of Earth - they are no longer in the higher heavens. They are now located here on Earth, not on other planets, not in other galaxies, they are here.


Ephesians 6:12 - the powers and principalities that we wrestle with are the dark rulers of THIS world

 and I’m submitting to you that they are today claiming to be aliens.


but whether you're a Christian pastor, a Christian teacher, or just a Christian who might get asked what THE BIBLE SAYS about life on other planets, I'm imploring you to teach sound doctrine, without letting your imagination take you beyond what is written. As Christians, I simply think we have a responsibility to teach only what God's word does say, and nothing more. God can do anything yes, "nothing is too hard for God" that's biblical. But when it comes to teaching, we are compelled and constricted to impart God's word alone.

The Bible does say that God created life other than what's on the earth. He populated, or inhabited, the earth with biological life forms, and he populated the heavens with angelic life forms.
But my point is, contrary to what you've heard, thought, or perhaps even taught, the Bible is not silent on this issue. You may not immediately agree with the full implications of what it says, but that is indeed what it says.
It goes against the spirit and the wisdom of this age I know, but God calls our wisdom foolishness. I know it goes against our natural understanding of how things should be, but the things of God almost always do. Remember, just the price of admission to this ride is believing that a man rose from the dead - you think it's supposed to start making MORE sense once you're in all the way? No - it makes less sense; "Give if you want to receive," "Don't return evil for evil," "Bless those that curse you..." Remember He says, His thoughts are not out thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways. That's Isaiah 55, the passage that ends by saying His word will not go out and return void - and that's what I'm hoping to send you out with today - what His word says.

And here's what The Bible does say is absolutely true, no conjecture required

1. The only stated purpose of the stars is to give light to the Earth and to mark the seasons...

2. Only the Earth is stated as "created to be inhabited"
(This is not said of any other planet or star)

3. The Bible states that God populated the heavens
with angels, and angels are not biological entities.  

Those are all true statements, and they are all sound doctrine. The Bible exhorts us to speak sound doctrine, even tho in the latter times many people will not endure sound doctrine.

As individuals, you and I can believe whatever we want; it’s arguably true that we’re all entitled to have our own personal opinions on some things. But I want to point out if you’re maintaining the open-minded opinion that there IS life on other planets based solely on that fact that God could have created life on other planets, if He so chose – well you’re going from what may be true, to accepting it as truth in your everyday walk.

And I just caution those of you that are Christians here, that you might be letting your own private interpretation come out of your mouth at times. Well, you’re just as free to have and express that opinion, as that minister from The History Channel documentary is to express his own private interpretation that many of the occurrences in the Bible could be UFOs – and I bet hearing that offended many of you. I’m just asking, Is it possible that opinions that come out of your mouth on this topic, that aren’t actually supported by God’s word, are offensive to Him? To God?

I took this direction so that you could walk away from here equipped for ministry, and therefore I feel it's important for me to try and help you close the door to thinking like most of the world today already does, according to polls, and to encourage you to believe and teach what the Bible does say on this topic. I feel it’s especially incumbent on Christian leadership – pastors, elders, teachers – to do so, because of what the New Testament warns about will be the extra-tough judgment on teachers. And remember, Jesus said that we would ALL be judged by every idle word that comes out of our mouths. I think it’s more in line with what God HAS expressed in scripture on this topic to say that “there’s nothing in the Bible that indicates there is life on other planets,” than to say “well maybe because God can do anything” – that’s just natural thinking that doesn’t reflect anything The Bible states about the purposes of the stars, the heavens, or life on other planets.

To the point, other than going against our natural thinking, what God's word says on this topic goes against the coming Strong Delusion. The reason this strong delusion I've been describing to you today is going to be effective to deceive the world is precisely because it makes so much sense - to worldy thinking. Polls from 50 years ago, not 1 in 10 people believed in life on other planets, much less that it was visiting us. Something’s definitely happened.

It’s a Strong Delusion. John says that the spirit of the antichrist is already at work in the world. And I believe that God has not left us defenseless in what Welsh minister IDE Thomas referred to in his UFO book as "Satan's last great assault on humanity."

And when you allow these doctrinally sound statements about what God has done to rule your thinking - you don't HAVE to dogmatically say that God didn't create life on other planets, but you can honestly say, "Everything I read in the Bible seems to indicate that He did not.”

That would be sound doctrine. That would be the words coming out of your mouth being in agreement with God’s word.

The expert, majority opinion of Christians who have studied the alien phenomenon extensively is that what the world popularly calls "aliens" today, is in fact deceiving spirits, teaching doctrines of devils, setting the world up for a strong delusion that will embrace the New World Order, one-world government, anti-christ ruler when he appears. That's the big picture...

The smaller picture is that just because you're a Christian, sooner or later it's very likely that some lost soul is going to come to you with their questions about UFOs and aliens, and you may have no idea how important your ready answer to their question is to them personally, or even to their eternal destiny. I can tell you that when I was 22 years old, lost as all get out and nearly suicidal from the madness these entities had inflicted in my life, that the way a Christian answered me when I brought my question about aliens to him, is why I'm standing here today. I'd be in a cult, or much worse off, if Leon had shied away from the truth, and given me the culturally popular answer that’s based on imagination and human reasoning, and simply told me he supposed God could do anything if he wanted.

Ann Brooke wasn't so lucky by the way


"Ann Brooke experienced some strange events, which … caused her much distress. She is a bright, attractive, and perceptive person;… raised in a family that valued… Christian fundamentalist beliefs...

"She was unable to talk to her family about her UFO experience, which included: out-of-the body experience; near-death experience; abduction; bodily and sexual examination; and mental communication with UFO entities...

 I've been researching and teaching on this material for 13 concentrated years, and I just want to you to know that leaving the door open for a belief in extra-terrestrial biological life always leads to bad fruit, and New Age cult thinking.

"Ann Brooke described the effects of her UFO experience as follows:
"After my experience I knew that I had been privileged with a glimpse at something infinitely wondrous and profound...

"My inner consciousness had undergone a complete and staggering metamorphosis...

"Those truths I had been taught through the years by my church, family, parents, and teachers no longer were valid to me..."

Ann Brooke is a casualty of a cosmic war folks. Joe Jordan and I are here to report to you from the front lines of that war. Joe has a lot more for you next. I can’t think of a better way to introduce him and his topic to you, than by quoting from one of the earliest and most famous “alien abductees” in history, Betty Andreasson Luca.

So finally – “in closing” I promise –

These are names some of you will recognize I think, if you've ever looked into the abduction phenomenon for even 5 minutes. Probably the most well-known, well-documented, and pretty well scrutinized cases of alien abduction and visitations happened in the lives of Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, and Betty Andreason.

The quote I want to share with you is from Betty Andreasson, who had a few books written about her by her doctor, Raymond Fowler. Quoting her from the first book, The Andreasson Affair, one of her initial accounts of allowing the alien influence into her life goes like this

"Outside the changing room, the entities awaited Betty. She became fearful and prayed frantically for help. "Ah," she thought to herself, "What is all this about? What are they going to do to me?...  Oh Jesus, be with me!”

Betty speaking: "When I said that, the leader glanced at me quickly - sort of surprised or stunned. I guess he was reading what my thoughts were, and he seemed to move a little slower...

"I guess he saw that I was wondering what this was all about, 'cause he said, "You'll be all right. Follow us. Please get in back of me again." He seemed a little concerned, because he kept looking back checking to see if I was getting in back."
Raymond Fowler 
The Andreasson Affair: The Documented Investigation of a Woman's Abduction Aboard a Ufo pgs. 37-38

I just have to pose the question to you - if what people are dealing with in these encounters are authentic extra-terrestrial life forms with superior technology, why would her almost absent-minded expression of the name of Jesus cause the entities to be "quote - surprised or stunned?" Why would they suddenly "move a little slower?"

The most common accounts of alien abduction involve people who, by all accounts, are taken against their will and can't move, or scream often, or get away no matter how hard they try, right? ... Well why would such allegedly superior entities - in the transcribed accounts of one of the most famous abductees in history - as soon as she said "Jesus" - why would they now have to plead with her, and say "Please follow us?"

Please stick around for my friend Joe Jordan,
for the stunning conclusion to the
Ancient of Days 2010
War of the Worlds
The Invisible Battle series.


Thank you all very much.

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The End









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