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Older Archives:

Ep 19 "CyberPrimer"

Ep 18 "Depression HEALED thru DIET!"

Ep 17 "E.T. GO Home!"

p 16 "You Lose America!"

Ep 15 "StarT rek Your Engines"

Ep 14 "They Might Be Giants"

Ep 13 "Boldly Go"

Guest EJ Wilson author of "Star Trek: Exploring the Original Series".

Ep 12 "All About UFO FEST"

Event organizers Tom Blake, Jim Hill, Marie Manning Leck, and Toby Martinez cover SOME of the events planned for Roswell UFO Festival.

Ep 11 "Round Like a Ball"

"Does the Bible Teach that the Earth is FLAT?" w Gary Bates, CEO www.Creation.com.

Ep 10 "X-Men & Antichrist"

w/Guest Rob Skiba ... SPOILERS(!) as we discuss how Hollywood is using modern superhero movies to promote the "end times agenda".

Ep 9 "Transhuman Theology"

Dr Michael S. Heiser PhD chimes in on last week's topic of "Transhumanism" with an emphasis on theological ethics.

Ep 8 "Rise of Chiron"

on Transhumanism & Space Exploration w/ guest Jason Pappafotis

Ep 7 "Bye Bye Blue Sky"

w/ Don James "Sherlock Holmes, The Final Adventure,"

Suzanne Maher "Chemtrails/Geoengineering Activist,"

and Michael Slack batting clean-up!

Ep 6 “Presidential”

Ep 5 "Roswell BC"

Ep 4 "Paperclip"

Ep 3 "iPhone Home"

Ep 2 “Buckethead”

Ep 1 "An Everlasting Kiss"


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