"The Man from Roswell" is Chapter 28 in Nick Redfern's new book "Final Events: Secret Gov't Group on Demonic UFOs"

A childhood experiencer of visitations and possible "abduction," Guy Malone has long been curious about the truth behind UFOs and aliens.  In the 1990's he began studying the phenomena from a Bible perspective. In 1999, he moved to Roswell, New Mexico, and that's when the fun began ...Read full Bio >

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w/ P.I.D. Radio
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May 28, 2010 Discussing my upcoming Roswell UFO Festival Lectures
"Man-Made View of Roswell 1947" & "Spiritual/Demonic View of Alien Contacts" ... Click to listen:

Through The Keyhole w/ Karyn Dolan
July 2, 2010 - View from the Bunker w/ Derek Gilbert .. Similar to above, plus Joe Jordan, Guy Malone & Mike Tatar on July 2010 Roswell lecture series


Lecturing with Joe Jordan

With Roswell Mayor Sam LaGrone, 2007 UFO Festival
Pic : Roswell Daily Record
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Page 1 Article of The Washington Post


by Guy Malone: 

The site for which I am perhaps best-known, averaging 500-1000 unique visitors per day site stats >>>. Created in 1999 after the move to Roswell. Offers Biblically-based articles and videos on the UFO/Alien topic, and testimonies of abductions stopping in Jesus' name.

The Ancient of Days conferences have successfully brought together some of Ufology's top secular researchers and top theological minds to share information and engage in Panel Discussion. DVDs available on a "Name Your Own Price" donation basis, with appx 20 speakers.
NEW: War of The Worlds : The Invisible Battle
with my 2 newest lectures (seen below) and more on DVD

"Malone asks, "Do certain Christians say "Aliens Are Really Demons" based simply on an uninformed reaction to the unknown? No ..."
All of the text, photos, sources, etc used in the below video.
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By my wife. An expose debunking some of the strangeness and "worst of the worst" ideas that get tacked onto these topics

All of the text, photos, sources, etc used in the below video.
Click to View Large I am of course "the black sheep" of Roswell, for detailing the now un-classified military history of Nazi Germany's efforts to invent the "flying saucer" based on Tesla technology - and how their scientists were moved to the U.S. after WWII to continue their work IN NEW MEXICO in 1945-47. This site definitely not endorsed by the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, Roswell UFO Museum, Hollywood, or the New World Order ;)
 (See also

Seekye1.com  aka
"Come Sail Away :
UFO Phenomenon & The Bible."

First website, circa 1997. My freshman effort and first (but not last!) word on the topic. A New Testament based thesis on UFOs as an explanation for the Rapture of the Church, and personal testimony of childhood visitations.

The unexpected popularity of the above site and book eventually inspired the move to Roswell, New Mexico to begin reaching interested parties with a Biblical response to New Age and UFO Cult related claims of alien visitation.  Now out of print, but often one pops up on Amazon, at a ridiculous price

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UFOs101.com - An older DVD


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"Stranger In Their Midst" Roswell Daily Record Vision Magazine article

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"Millions of intelligent people believe in alien life forms, and their fascination with UFOs typically leads them to New Age beliefs...

Is the church doing anything to reach this unusual mission field?"
  Answer: Guy Malone,
Joe Jordan & Chris Ward in Charisma Magazine Cover Story "Aliens Among Us"

I did indeed appear on
The History Channel's
"UFOs in the Bible" Episode, but was grossly misquoted, out of context.
Please read my
Response and Q/A >>>


2004 UFO Magazine
lists AlienResistance.org
as one of "10 Best" Abduction websites on the internet

NEW! For exhaustive answers to the Biblical view on this phenomenon, please see the 2009 Christian Symposium on Aliens
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We organized this event in Roswell New Mexico, with 4 PhD's and many published authors in the mix. Ends w/ 4-hour q/a

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